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 The Beach

The beach, Cabo de Plata, is a 5 minute walk from Miramar's lower garden gate.


The beach is rarely crowded as there is very little public parking nearby and frequently the only visitors are the few local fishermen who are surf casting far out.  


The water is often calm and wonderful to swim in, but being on the Atlantic there can also be some good waves which can be enjoyed from the villa, the water's edge or  in kayaks or on surf boards, as the pictures show.


The white sand is also great for building  sandcastles, boats etc depending on your age, energy and inclinations!


In springtime the beach becomes a sea of colour for a few weeks as an abundance of brightly coloured wild flowers carpet the sand.  It is not to be missed; we have a book in the villa to help identify the incredible variety of spring flowers that can be seen.


The walk from Miramar along the beach and then up over the hills to the Roman Ruins at Bolonia is wonderful at all times of the year but is particularly beautiful in the spring because of the riot of colour from the flowers.


Most days from the beach you can see Tangiers clearly  and, at night, the individual lights of the houses in Tangiers are often visible from our terrace.  You can also the Tif range of mountains in Northern Africa on a clear day from the end of our beach looking towards Bolonia and over the Straits.


In the evening we like to go down to the beach for post-dinner marshmallow roasts - make sure that the wood you use, though, is dry. We have spent many an evening trying, unsuccessfully, to get damp wood to light.